How do I play?

Secret Romania Treasure hunts are designed as short experiences that help you discover parts of Romania in a fun way. We have two types of experiences: virtual experiences and city treasure hunts. After you choose the type of experience you want to enjoy, you buy it from our online store and you can start playing it. If it is a virtual experience you can play it anywhere from your computer or your smartphone. If it is a city treasure hunt you must go to the starting point mentioned in the description and start playing it with your phone from there.

After that, the process is simple: read the question, write the correct answer, and press “Next”. If you don’t know the answer you can press the “Clue” button. If the new clue doesn’t help you, you can find out the correct answer by pressing the “Answer” button. Type down the answer, press “Next” and you will land on a new page. If you play a virtual experience this new page will reveal you an interesting piece of information. If you play a city treasure hunt, this new page will offer you details about the place you are in and also directions to reach the next stop in your itinerary. Solve the riddles and discover places in a new way!