1. Do I need an account to buy these treasure hunts?

    No, you don’t need an account on our website. You just need to fill in your personal data on the Checkout page so we can issue the invoice (this is a legal requirement). 

  2. How do I pay?

    After you add to the cart all the experiences you want to enjoy, select “Proceed to checkout”, fill in your data for the invoice, and select “Place order”. Now you can pay online with your credit card. Immediately after you pay your order you will receive the confirmation and the access link to your experiences.

  3. Do I need an internet connection to play?

    Yes, all our games are online so you need an Internet connection.

  4. When can I play Secret Romania Treasure Hunts?

    Immediately after you pay you will receive the access link to your treasure hunts. Some treasure hunts have a schedule mentioned in their description. If you go through it outside these hours you will not find open all the attractions included in the treasure hunt. We really want you to enjoy it, so we advise that you follow this schedule.
    Other treasure hunts and the virtual experiences can be played anytime you want.

  5. Should I finish a treasure hunt once I started it?

    No, once you start playing it, you can stop at any time. Just press the “Save for later” button and you will receive a code that you must copy to access it later. When you want to continue the game, just press the treasure hunt link and the button “Continue quiz where you left off”. You will be asked to enter the code you saved when you stopped. After, you can continue playing.

  6. When and how can I get a refund?

    We can offer you a refund in maximum 5 days after you bought the experience in any of the following cases:
    -you encountered technical issues
    -you didn’t open the treasure hunt and are unable to play it anymore for various reasons
    Just write to us at office[at]secretromania.com mentioning the reason why you want your money back, your access code, and the day you tried to play it and we will get back to you.

  7. What are your Terms & Conditions?

    Secret Romania sells tours, day trips, and treasure hunts. You can read our general terms & conditions here and our privacy policy here.